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RESTORE Engine Restorer
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Your Questions about Engine Restorer



Welcome to Ametech.

Ametech products are formulated to solve a multitude of engine problems caused by engine wear, such as burning oil leading to high oil consumption, blue smoke and high emissions, noisy engines, low compression, reduction in torque and engine power, rough running, bad starting, sluggish acceleration and poor fuel economy. Our best selling engine product - Ametech Engine Restorer & Lubricant, is a leader in this field. Both RESTORE Engine Restorer and our MT-10 Metal Treatment Tranmission oil additives are truly remarkable products, unrivalled in the oil additives sector of the motoring industry.

Ametech are the authorised UK distributors of RESTORE products, including the best selling Ametech Engine Restore Oil - RESTORE Engine Restore & Lubricant. Ametech also supply a wide range of innovative oil additives, fuel additives, engine additives, and greases formulated to protect and restore the 'vital organs' in your motor - the engine, transmission, differentials, power steering, fuel supply and cooling system.

This website is dedicated purely to Ametech Engine Restorer & Lubricant. It is intended to be a source of information about RESTORE and its many applications. To buy Engine Restorer or to view our other products, please go to our shop at


Every vehicle's engine wears out as a result of friction during normal operation. This friction causes wear of the cylinder walls which leads to compression loss. Lost compression results in your engine having less power --- it runs poorly and has sluggish acceleration. It also can cause increased oil burning, exhaust smoke, and poor fuel economy.

RESTORE Engine Restorer and Lubricant is a unique engine additive that repairs those worn-out areas in the cylinder wall thereby restoring cylinder compression and improving engine performance to nearly new original condition.

RESTORE is the only product that contains the proprietary CSL™ formula. This technologically advanced formulation fills in and seals micro-leaks in the cylinder wall. The result is increased engine compression and more engine power. Independent lab tests prove that RESTORE really works to increase cylinder compression.

Over 120 million cans have been sold Worldwide since 1983.

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RESTORE Engine RestorerRESTORE Engine Restorer
Why Ametech RESTORE Engine Restorer is our best selling product to date......
Ametech Local StockistsAmetech Local Stockists
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Your Questions about Engine RestorerYour Questions about Engine Restorer
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