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What Size Can Do I Need?

Ametech RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant with CSL® is available in 3 cans sizes - 250ml, 400ml and 1 Litre.  If this is the first time you have used RESTORE in your engine and you have over 40,000 miles on the clock or the engine is exhibiting signs of wear such as blue exhaust smoke or poor running, the recommended dosage is 250ml RESTORE per litre of engine size.

The following chart gives a good idea of the amount to use:

How Much RESTORE to Use
Engine Size (CC) Amount to Use Cans Needed
1000 250ml 1 x 250ml
1200 250ml 1 x 250ml
1400 350ml 1 x 400ml
1600 400ml 1 x 400ml
1800 450ml 1 x 400ml
2000 500ml 2 x 250ml
2200 550ml 2 x 250ml
2400 600ml 1 x 400ml plus 1 x 250ml
2600 650ml 1 x 400ml plus 1 x 250ml
2800 700ml 1 x 400ml plus 1 x 250ml
3000 750ml 3 x 250ml
3200 800ml 2 x 400ml
3400 850ml 2 x 400ml
3600 900ml 1 x 400ml plus 2 x 250ml
3800 950ml 1 x Litre
4000 1000ml 1  x Litre

If you are using RESTORE for the first time in an engine that has done less than 40,000 miles purely as a means of maintaining engine performance and preventing future wear, or you are using RESTORE as a repeat dosage on an engine previously treated less than 15,000 miles ago, then half the above quantities should suffice.  For best results, once you have started using RESTORE, keep 5% RESTORE by volume to engine oil in the engine at all times to maintain performance and keep the wear reversal process going.

An alternative 'rule of thumb' can be applied to the volume of oil in the sump to work out the amount of RESTORE needed. This can be useful for working engines like tractors or in other cases where the engine size is not apparent but the amount of oil in the engine is known. Use 10% RESTORE Engine Restorer by volume to engine oil for an initial treatment in any engine, followed by 5% by volume for subsequent treatments. For example, a tractor with a sump capacity of 10 litres (roughly 2 gallons) will need 1 litre of RESTORE (10%).

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