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Your Questions about Engine Restorer



"If your engine is low on compression and a bit smoky you’ve really got to try Ametech Engine Restorer. You add it at an oil change and it reverses engine wear. I know these magic cure-alls have been around for ages, but this one really does work. A mate’s Bentley S2 had a flickering oil light at low revs and clouds of blue smoke from the rear. Rather than swallow the two grand hit for an overhaul, he dumped two litres of Ametech (Engine Restore Oil) into the sump. His S2 is now ‘running as sweet as a nut’, with no smoke and no blinking oil pressure light. Ametech's not cheap, but it's a very sound investment."


To the hundreds of readers who have written and emailed about Ametech Engine Restorer, here are full contact details: Ametech, The Technology Centre, Station Road, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 9EZ. Phone 01728 726620 or email

It's the only engine additive I've ever found to work.


CARL Jones would like to know what to do about his 150,000-mile 1998S Ford Galaxy, which smokes like a tramp-steamer. Carl, from Ormskirk, has been quoted £1,500 for an engine rebuild, but remembers mention of an engine restorer that can be poured into the sump. Would this be suitable for his Galaxy?

QUENTIN says: Yes. Pour in a can of Ametech Engine Restorer and you should see a dramatic difference. I've tried it on several motors, the latest being a 1991H Mercedes 190D that sounded like something from before the Industrial Revolution - 500 miles later and I can take my earplugs out. Officially tested in America, Ametech contains billions of micro-particles which fill scratches, grooves and imperfections on metal surfaces inside the engine. The test results revealed up to a 50 per cent increase in compression, while fuel consumption and power were also significantly improved. Trust me, it works.


Q. I BOUGHT a BMW 330 Ci Sport with 21k miles from a main dealer in February. As the weather was very cold, I put the ticking noise from its hydraulic tappets down to cold-starting. Now the weather has improved, but the noise has not. What do you reckon?
- Steve Thomas email.

A. IT'S no big deal, but it does sound like you have a dry tappet. The problem might go away if you flush the engine and change the oil and filter. You could also bung in a can of Ametech Engine Restorer. But given your 330 is still under warranty, you should go back to the dealer and get them to investigate.


Q. A WHILE back you mentioned a product that can help with wear on older engines. What was it? - Keith Stubbs, Bury

A. FOR all those people who have written in wanting to know how to get hold of Ametech Engine Restorer (which works for me), call 01728 726620.


Q. WE have an M-reg Vauxhall Carlton 3.0 GSi 24-valve, which we use for towing a caravan. It has 220,000 on the clock, but doesn't use a drop of oil. You recently referred to an oil additive which helps prolong an engine's life. Would it be worth using it in our Carlton? I was also talking to another owner who had his car converted to run on LPG. What are your views on this, given the age and mileage of our car? - Andrew Ashton, email.

A. IT'S grand to hear you've covered such an intergalactic mileage, but you have to remember that your Carlton isn't worth a fortune, so wouldn't justify the £1,500 or so to convert it to gas. By all means drop in a can of Ametech Engine Restorer, (01728 726620) which will help to prolong your engine's life, but I wouldn't make a major outlay. You'll never see it again.


Q. IN 2002 I bought a 1994 Honda Civic which has sailed through its MoTs ever since. It's now used very little (three times a week to get to work and the odd shopping trip), but I do still need it. What can I do to ensure its longevity? You often talk about replacing cambelts and special stuff to put in the engine. Would this help? - Jan, email

A. THERE'S no reason why your Civic shouldn't last another decade.  Change the cambelt as soon as possible, and make sure you replace oil and filter every 5,000 miles, using synthetic oil, which doesn't degrade like mineral based oil. Ask your mechanic to put in Ametech Engine Restorer (01728 726620) at every oil change. Touch up any stone chips and also find yourself a friendly independent Honda specialist who can spot things before they fall off or break, and most importantly, won't charge you as much as £95 an hour.


Derek Ashurst's stepson owns a 1989 Reliant Rialto that has done 80,000 miles and smokes like a tramp-steamer. He was wrongly advised to change the head gasket, which has made no difference to the amount of smoke the Rialto chucks out, but Derek remembers mention of an engine oil additive that can reduce exhaust emissions. Would it help?

Quentin says: I recommend Ametech Engine Restorer for worn engines (01728 726620 or, but there is a limit. I think you're looking for a miracle on the scale of loaves and fishes with your stepson's Rialto, which sounds well and truly kippered. The bores must be seriously worn, with maybe a broken piston ring to boot, which is sucking up oil into the combustion chamber, burning it and billowing out clouds of acrid blue smoke. Frankly, I don't think you should spend any money on a car that's probably worth about twenty quid. Get your stepson into a newer, cleaner and safer motor. Just think of the pollution. Tell him to scrap the thing before someone reports him to the council.


Q. Could you tell me if there is a product that cuts out blue smoke emissions from a car's exhaust? My father-in-law's car has this problem, and he has been told it will fail its next MoT unless something is done. - Tom Lloyd, by email

A. Sounds like your father-in-law's motor really needs an engine rebuild, or at the very least new valve guides. The only additive I've ever come across that actually makes worn engines quieter, smoother and less smoky is something called Ametech.  I've used it on various old Rollers and Bentleys, and it worked well.  Details at


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