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Allow the can to come up to room temperature before use. In cold weather it may be advisable to warm the can slightly before use. Shake the can well, before opening it, to agitate the CSL particles. Check inside the can before discarding it to make sure all particles have been used.


After you have carried out an oil and filter change, add RESTORE to the clean engine oil at the rate of 200-250ml RESTORE per 1000cc of engine capacity or 10% RESTORE by volume to engine oil in the sump. Just shake up the can and pour RESTORE into the engine through the oil filler cap hole.

If oils or additives containing graphite, molybdenum disulphide, Teflon, PTFE, ceramic or other substances were present in the oil previous to carrying out the oil change ready to add the RESTORE, please flush the engine to get rid of these first or do an oil change with a conventional oil and then wait till the next oil change before adding RESTORE.

Run the engine for an hour or more (with the vehicle stationary or, preferably, take it out on a run). This will facilitate efficient distribution of the CSL particles throughout the engine and promote a speedier repair.

Approximately 1000 miles after treatment with RESTORE, reset the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to adjust the engine (make a note of your radio code first). With the engine running more efficiently, resetting the ECU will adjust the amount of fuel being used correspondingly - result: you will consume less fuel.

With the engine running more freely thanks to RESTORE, the engine may be idling faster than it was before the treatment. By adjusting the idling back down to the level specified by the manufacturer, you will consume less fuel, especially whilst driving in urban areas.

THERE IS AN EXCEPTION: some 4 stroke motorbikes (e.g. Hondas) and ATVs have a wet clutch with engine oil running through it. To avoid contaminating the clutch plates, we do not recommend adding RESTORE Engine Restorer into the sump of these vehicles. Call us for instructions on how to treat motorcycles with wet clutches.


A lot of the following points are plain common sense. Follow the instructions and bear these points in mind and you can't go wrong.

DO: Start with a clean engine, fresh oil and new OEM filter. Flush the engine, if necessary, prior to doing the oil change and adding RESTORE.

DO: Use the can at room temperature and shake it really well to agitate the particles before adding to your engine. Check the empty can before discarding it to make sure than none of the valuable CSL particles are left in the can.

DO: Use a grade of motor oil recommended for your engine in conjunction with RESTORE. Don't switch to a thicker grade like a 20W50 - this will just impede the RESTORE process.

DO: Run the engine as much as possible after adding RESTORE. It can take until the next oil change to complete the wear reversal process in your engine, so do be patient.

DO: Follow the instructions carefully. Do not attempt any process that is beyond your mechanical or technical ability.

DO: Obtain a mechanic's diagnosis for your engine problem before you start treatment to ensure that your expectations are realistic. Misdiagnosis of an engine problem based on assumption or ignorance could lead to a very expensive repair down the line. RESTORE fills wear in metal surfaces - it won't mend broken or bent parts, burnt valve seats, glazed bores, holed pistons, broken rings, blown gaskets, blocked hoses or pressure relief valves etc.

DO: Check that RESTORE is the right treatment for your engine problem. See our guide. Call us if in doubt.

DON'T: Use RESTORE with vegetable based oils, castor oil or ester based oils, such as motor sports or racing formulas (Silkolene 'R' etc.) Ester oils work by imparting a positive charge to both metal surfaces to reduce friction, but this just slows RESTORE down, making it harder for the CSL particles to adhere to the worn metal. Allow extra time to complete the repair process if the engine oil you are using contains esters as a small proportion of their formula (e.g. Castrol Magnatec).

DON'T: Use RESTORE with other friction-reducing additives such as Slick 50, Prolong, Activ8, Motorup, STP and Wynn’s friction-reducers or Stop Smoke, PTFE, Teflon, chlorinated paraffin, Molyslip, ceramic substances etc. 

DON'T: Overfill the engine. Always make sure you allow for the addition of the quantity of RESTORE you are using within the total oil allowance for your engine.

DON'T: Use a lot more than the recommended dosage for your engine. A little more won't hurt, but overdosing the engine could overwhelm the oil filter and cause problems. You can always add more RESTORE later if you need to, once the initial dosage of CSL particles has become taken up in the worn metal surfaces.

DON'T: Use RESTORE in automatic transmissions, limited slip differentials, wet clutch situations, engines requiring a petrol/oil mix, power steering fluid, brake fluid, fuel tanks.

DON'T: Use RESTORE in HEUI diesel engines (Ford Powerstroke, Navistar, International, Caterpillar, Isuzu Trooper 3.0 DTI (1998 & on)), VVTL-I, VTEC, VANOS or AVCS engines or any other engines using high pressure oil as a hydraulic actuator . HEUI (Hydraulically actuated Electronic Unit Injection) is a high efficiency diesel engine where the injectors operate off engine oil pumped at high pressure – if you are in any doubt as to whether yours is a HEUI engine, please ask your dealer before using RESTORE. RESTORE is recommended for use only in Common Rail Fuel Injection Systems.

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