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RESTORE Engine Restorer
Ametech Local Stockists
Your Questions about Engine Restorer

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Register your purchase of any Ametech RESTORE product here within 14 days of purchase date to take advantage of the protection offered under our Money Back Guarantee (see Terms and Conditions below).

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Ametech Money Back Guarantee - Terms and Conditions

All Ametech RESTORE products purchased directly from Ametech or from any of our authorised Local Stockists are backed by our 90 day Money Back Guarantee. This Guarantee, and the Guarantee period, begins on the date of retail purchase as detailed on your sales receipt.

To activate this Guarantee you must register the product purchase at within 14 days of purchase. Should you not wish to register, you will be covered in accordance with your statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act.

If you get the product home and then decide it is not for you, you can return unopened unused cans to the retailer for a full refund within 30 days of purchase or receipt. All products returned should be in a clean, unopened, unused and undamaged state suitable for resale. Damaged and unsaleable returns will be rejected.

What the Guarantee covers

We have such confidence RESTORE products and their abilities to improve, enhance and protect the performance of your vehicle or machinery, that we will give you your money back if you are not happy with the results after 1000 miles (or 20 hours) of use. This guarantee applies your FIRST purchase of any single unit (bottle or can) of RESTORE, providing it has been used in accordance with the instructions provided (See Note below).

If you are dissatisfied with any product please call the Ametech Technical Helpline on 01728 726620 in the first instance for advice. A series of questions will be asked to validate any claim under the Money Back Guarantee, so please be prepared to give as much detail as possible about the vehicle and your reasons for purchasing the product in question. If you are unable to call, please contact us to request a Guarantee Refund Claim Form for completion and return.

To qualify for the guarantee refund, you must have completed 1000 miles or more in your vehicle after adding RESTORE. At our discretion we may require evidence of the mileage you have covered since adding RESTORE to your engine. Please take a date recorded photo of your milometer both before treatment and prior to submitting your claim (or take photos of your milometer and email them to yourself to keep a record).

Please make sure that you retain your original receipt indicating the place and date of purchase, the product description and the price paid, as you will be required to present this to validate your claim.

If you have purchased more than one unit (single can or bottle), we will refund your money on the first unit and you can return any unused product unopened within 90 days, for a refund. Customers may be given the option of more product free of charge in place of a refund if their prime concern is to fix their engine.

This Guarantee applies only to the FIRST purchase of any one unit (can or bottle) of an Ametech RESTORE product and  to one refund request per lifetime, individual, family or address. Refund claims for multiple product purchases do not apply and will not be honoured. Requests for refunds under the money-back guarantee will not be entertained more than 90 days after the date of purchase.

Only purchases made in the UK for consumption within the UK are covered under the Money Back Guarantee.

A Note on the use of RESTORE Engine Restorer & Lubricant

Please read carefully the instructions we send you with RESTORE oil before commencing treatment. In particular, never use RESTORE in HEUI (Hydraulically Actuated Electronic Unit injection) engines, Toyota VVTL-i, BMW VANOS, Subaru AVCS, Honda iVTec, Fiat MultiAir, GM Active Fuel Management engines or any other engines that use high pressure engine oil to regulate camshaft positioning and valve timings. Do not used RESTORE in engines using petroil mixes or where the engine oil runs through a clutch assembly (wet clutch). RESTORE does not work effectively with friction-reducing oil additives (PTFE, Prolong, Activ8, Motorup etc.) or ester based oils (e.g. sports or racing formulas like Silkolene ‘R’, AMSOIL) so avoid using RESTORE with any of these.

RESTORE is not a quick-fix for mechanical problems such as bad timing, burnt or broken valves or rings, holed pistons, perished seals, cracked cylinder walls, glazed bores or cracked or warped heads etc. nor is it a substitute for regular maintenance i.e. oil and filter changes at the recommended intervals. RESTORE will not work in a sump filled with black sludge blocking the oil pump pickup; clean the engine before you commence treatment.

RESTORE is a technological innovation that fights the aging effects of friction and wear by filling the scratches in friction-producing metal. Please obtain a fault diagnosis from a motor technician if you have a problem that you are looking for RESTORE to fix before you commence a remetallizing treatment so that your expectations for RESTORE are not unrealistic.

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